What is and Why Web3?

Web3 is visioned as the “next” Internet

Web 2.0 has served the Internet well, has evolved but at its core is still a centralized system (not based on blockchain).

In this new Web3 world, decentralization, tokenomics and digital asset ownership (NFTs) all verified on the Blockchain are key technologies that have a ton of use cases, but at its core they are giving value back to the Entrepreneur, Creator, Brand with their digital assets

As with any new technology – Web3 is evolving everyday  – new protocols, infrastructure services all based on decentralization is being built every day (even during the current bear market) that doesn’t stop innovation from happening!

I’m still in Web 2.0 what is the rush?

Get a head of your competition, and go where the market will eventually go, with new generally younger more tech savvy consumers on-boarding (with Crypto Wallets) every day – if your product or service is not in this new Web3 space (Metaverse) you’ll be left out.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new opportunity as an Entrepreneur, Creator or Brand

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